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Queer Space

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Queer Space

The word "queer" itself means across - it comes from the Indo-European root -twerkw, which also yields the German quer (transverse), Latin torquere (to twist), English athwart. ... The immemorial current that queer represents is antiseparatist as it is antiassimilationist. Keenly, it is relational, and strange.
- Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, "Tendencies"


Queer is about celebrating difference and diversity while remaining related with other human beings.
Whether you're lesbian, dyke, gay, bi, poly, FtM, MtF, queer, boi bodied female minded, female bodied
male minded, a birl, a twink..whatever you choose to express yourself yourself.
At the heart of it all, we're all different, yet we all have a connection.
To provide a forum and safe haven for those who fall under the blanket term of queer.


Queer_Space posses a wide array of purposes. To first and foremost, create a safe haven
for verbal discourse on that which brings us together.
To create a space to exchange ideas, ask questions, get answers, meet people.
Get a new friend. Find the love of your life. Trade addresses for the penpal you've always wanted.

In the interest of making this community as interesting, informative, and accessible as possible,
all members must adhere to a few simple posting guidelines.

Make your title concise and informative.
This makes it easier reference posts of interest in memories.

This is a community, not a chat forum or a personal journal.

Appropriate posts include:
¤ articles
¤ discussion topics
¤ questions
¤ rants
¤ writings
¤ art
¤ announcements
¤ events
¤ links
¤ introductions that ALSO INCLUDE one of the above

DO NOT POST any of the following:

¤ vanity posts
¤ personal journal entries that include off-topic information
or that do not include queer-related material that is conducive to discussion.
¤ online petitions, forwarded emails, etc.
¤ quiz/test results
¤ posts done out of boredom

Any post which is longer than a normal paragraph or two,
or which contains multiple or large images must include an tag.
Please, don't slay our friends pages.

While we wish to encourage free discussion, we also want to keep this a safe place.
Certain types of speech are prohibited in this community: advertisements, personal ads, sexual harassment, sexism, racism, ageism, ableism, gay bashing, slander, name-calling, personal insults, threats.

All Rights Reserved, All Wrong Released.
Disclaimer: Liable for all your happiness, unliable for all your misfortunes

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Name: Jordan
Lj: jay_dawg
Age: 20
Location: Westchester, NY