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Greetings. My name is Jess, and I'm familiar with the mod here, so I guess I'll start this party.

A little about me? I'll let the pic speak for itself.

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Indeed. That's me my senior year. I look pretty much the same sans the hair and the glasses (hair's different and I have black-rimmed glasses instead of the hideous gold >>;) and yes, I still work at Arby's. And that wadjet charm is still pretty much the only piece of jewelery I wear. Oh yes, and I still have that delightfully dour look about me. I'm a ray of sunshine, just need to uh, get to know me?

Anyway, I have this question. Lets say hypothetically some unnamed person is not quite out, and they need to break the news gently it to a friend. A friend who happens to want them the wrong way. What should I -cough-...they say?
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