smittenkitten84 (smittenkitten84) wrote in queer_space,

Hiya there my name is Jodie, I am 20 years old and currently live in Oxfordshire, UK. I have a lovely girlfriend called Emily and we are embarking on a move to Brighton to further our education.

I just thought would introduce myself I am into computers, anime, metal music, PC Gaming particularly warcraft and other games along those lines. I really want some more pen pals. I have one in the netherlands though he has just moved to england who I have been writing to since I was 13 so about 7 years!

I love sending snail mail to people and not many people I know bother anymore which is a shame. Its a nice thing to see in the morning when ya just woke up a nice letter from somebody. I like sending sparkly letters usually with other little bits and bobs with it.

So if anyone wants to be my penpal just give me an email its im not particularly fussy whether they are male/female. Will be looking forward to hearing from someone

Jodie xxxx
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